December 17, 2012

University of South Carolina Retail Case Study

Kohl's launched a case study with the College of HRSM in Dr. Jeff Campbell's Retail class this past Fall semester. The case was a semester long project that the students worked on in groups and was centered around the idea of developing an omni-channel retailing strategy for Kohl's. The ultimate goal of omni-channel retailing is to create a system where all shopping channel options work simultaneously together to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

The six groups of students provided recommendations to Kohl's on developing an omni-channel retailing strategy by creating seamless experiences for all offers made to customers and presenting new offers via more sophisticated targeting methods. At the end of the semester, each group prepared a written report along with presented their creative ideas to a panel of Kohl's representatives. The winning group and runners up were awarded a total of $1,000 in Kohl's gift cards for their exemplary efforts.

Kohl's representatives in attendance at the presentation were Blaine Predmore, Regional Vice President, Phillip Daniels, District Manager, Mike Autry, Store Manager, Blake Amick, Store Manager and USC Alum, Lauren Fylstra, Territory University Relations Manager, and Bernadette Jones, Territory Talent Recruiter

Congratulations to the winning group, shown in the picture below!